Our Bearded Collie Journey

I (Michele) came from a horse riding background like many of my fellow dog exhibitors.
My father put me on a pony at the age of three and as they say 'the rest is history'.
My childhood, teenage and young adult years were filled with
pony clubs, eventing, showing and breeding horses
.....I lived and breathed them as did my younger sister.

 Self preservation kicked in after I had my children and after a series of 'not too nice'
falls, I decided that my horse riding days were over, 
it was around this time I became friends with a dog exhibitor and so it began.....

 I had always had dogs, and had in fact trialled my German Shepherd bitch to her CD title.
I began going to shows with my friend, helping her with her dogs and watching what went on.
I decided that I would like to 'have a go' at this dog showing 'hobby' so began looking for a suitable dog.

Why a Beardie?
I knew I wanted a dog that was excellent with children and other animals, was intelligent and easy to train
and would be able to fit in with our busy and often noisy household.
I had also decided that I didn't mind a bit of grooming and therefore a long coated breed would be suitable....
I loved the glamour of the long coated breeds in the showring.
At this point I had never actually set eyes on a Beardie and in fact came upon one by accident
when I was on holiday in Queensland.
After meeting him, I devoured every piece of reading material I could source about Bearded Collies and decided that this was the breed I had been looking for.

In the Beginning
 After researching breeders in Australia, I decided to approach  the most
successful show kennel in Australia at that time
~ Burnhardt Bearded Collies ~ owned by Joan and David Smith.
After months of talking to convince them that I was prepared for a Beardie,
I was lucky enough to finally own one of their beautiful puppies.
Toby (Ch Burnhardt Logans Legend) joined our family in 1996,
and so began my love affair with this wonderful breed.
I am so grateful for the advice, support and guidance that Joan and Dave have extended to me

over the years, but more importantly I am so grateful for their friendship.
I couldn't have asked for more knowledgeable mentors for our wonderful breed.

Needless to say, nowadays showing and breeding Bearded Collies is not so much
a 'hobby' as a 'way of life'.

So why do I show my dogs?

Showing my dogs against competition allows me to compare my dogs with others and confirms
to me that I am on the 'right track' with my breeding program.
This is important. Many dogs look good at home and only when they are compared with other good dogs
can you see if they are in fact equal or better.
Comparison is the material of which dogs shows are made. It also gives me a chance to 'showcase'
my dogs to other breeders who may be interested in certain 'lines'.

Breeding: Having large numbers of dogs 'titled' that carry my prefix
is NOT my motivation for breeding.

I only breed when I am  planning my future show prospect and I only allow those dogs who I believe are
worthy of a Championship Title to enter the show ring 'Quality not Quantity!'
If I wouldn't be happy to show the dog myself, then it doesn't go in the show ring...end of story!



I started training for my Judges licence mid 2017, and  attained my ANKC licence to
judge Bearded Collies at Championship level in 2018.

I am an active member of the following clubs:

Dogs NSW

The Victorian Bearded Collie Club

The NSW Bearded Collie Club



In 2020 we 'officially' welcomed our wonderful friend, Julie Lyons, to become part of our Edinglen Prefix.

Julie has successfully campaigned several Edinglen Beardies to their Supreme Titles, Specialty BIS's & 
All Breeds BIS's.

She has been my sounding board for years, as we weighed up pros and cons of future breedings, potential
Imports and assessment of show prospects.

We look forward to breeding our beautiful Beardies & Havanese together for many years to come.





Contact Details

Michele Lincoln & Julie Lyons
Yass, NSW, Australia
Phone : 0438 067 697 or 0407 961 777
Email : [email protected]